magician arcana
Name: sophia/meri
Age: 16
Location: NH
basic info
she + ⚢ + infj
i'm sophie and i have my headphones in 24/7.
have a nice day! ♥︎
more info

i am currently a junior in high school, and an honors student. i actually enjoy academics, but social stuff can be hard sometimes. i'm the gayest girl you'll ever meet - just saying. i'm also a democratic socialist and the actual definition of a "filthy leftist", so yeah. i believe in you!

my interests

i want to become a psychotherapist or writer once i graduate college. psychology has always been a passion of mine along with writing, and in an ideal life i'd have time to do both. who knows? i really care about making people happy, and doing things for others keeps me motivated. that said, if you want to check out my writing, i have some samples up on my figment! i also would literally die for video games, so if you follow me on social media you'll probably see me freaking out over them on a daily basis. i also care wayyy too much about mbti, and am a generally huge nerd.

fun facts
mbti: infj
alignment: neutral good
tarot arcana: justice
house: ravenclaw
sun sign: aries
moon sign: cancer
playing p5
reading crime & punishment
i love you! ♥︎